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Malaysia Babydoll Fox Calls Out Racist Trolls For Online Attacks

RuPaul's Drag Race season 15 queen Malaysia Babydoll Fox is calling out racist Drag Race fans for their constant bullying.

via Out:

Following Mistress Isabelle Brooks dealing with fatphobic attacks and getting her Instagram deactivated multiple times, the next target among this loud group of fans has become Malaysia Babydoll Foxx. The Miami queen wrote on Twitter:

“Happy Black History Month. If you are a supporter of me please don’t send Marcia hate. These clowns do not represent her. Just exposing keyboard thugs! I dare you to take a trip to Miami I guarantee it’ll be a permanent stay! #ImOnThat I’ll show you!”

Thankfully, a lot of Drag Race fans have also been sending love toward Foxx and have tried to help her filter out these racist haters. Foxx further explained herself in a subsequent tweet:

“I promise I’m good y’all! People threatening to take my social media down is stupid. I could care less. But being racist is disgusting. Using [gorilla] emoji and fat shaming me is insane. I didn’t realize I was fat and black until I got on Drag Race.”

It’s 2023 and Black queens are still having to deal with racism coming from Drag Race fans despite the series having many progressive ideals, diverse cast members, and an audience that generally identifies as being liberal. It’s also upsetting that these problematic statements are coming from people who consider themselves fans from other queens competing on the same show.

Marcia and other season 15 queens have taken to social media to criticize those who identify as their fans but go on to attack their Drag Race costars. Hopefully, these direct statements will help filter these “fans” out of the community.

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 airs Fridays on MTV.

I honestly feel like we're going in circles when it comes to this topic. We continue to call out the racist trolls who always bully the queens of color on the show, yet will look the other way when it comes to the mediocre white queens who think being pretty is enough.

The question remains, what is to be done about the online bullying? RuPaul tells the queens to tune out the noise, but it's difficult to do so when you open social media and thousands of people tag you with negative posts about them.

It's gotten so bad that trolls had Mistress Isabelle Brooks' Instagram taken down because they didn't like her behavior on the show.

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