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Maluma Swats Away Hand Of Fan Who Grabbed His Crotch At Recent New York Concert

Everyone seems to want a piece of Maluma, as the Colombian superstar had to berate a fan for grabbing him inappropriately at a recent concert.

via: Uproxx

“La Fórmula” musician Maluma is one of the most lusted-after men in Latin music. He’s on the road for his Don Juan World Tour, and admirers are working overtime to grab his eye. Unfortunately, one woman seemed to allow her desires to overstep his personal boundaries.

During Maluma’s New York City concert at Madison Square Garden on Friday, October 6, as he greeted attendees before taking the stage, one woman attempted to grab at his private area. He immediately physically and verbally shut down the fan’s advances while venue security stepped in.

Once a clip of the incident gained traction across social media, people jumped to Maluma’s defense.

“That’s weird and unruly. He responded in the best way one can possibly behave,” wrote one.

“This is disgusting :(,” chimed another.

“This isn’t cute or funny,” penned one.

“Y’all be forgetting that celebrities are real ppl too sometimes,” barked another.

“He reacted very well… You don’t go about touching people without consent,” remarked yet another.

“People are way too comfortable sexually assaulting celebrities. I would’ve had her kicked out,” sternly put another.

Despite the uncomfortable encounter, Maluma took to his Instagram to thank supporters for the special evening, writing, “MADISON SQUARE GARDEN WAS DRESSED IN TRICOLOR LAST NIGHT… I woke up with a smile that will last me a lifetime! THANK YOU, NEW YORK, THANK YOU, LATINOS, this is just the beginning. #DonJuan.”

In my opinion, he reacted professionally, because if he would have smacked the daylights out of that person you'd be quick to sue.

It’s never okay to touch a person in a sexual without their consent, regardless of their gender, status, popularity, beauty, clothing..etc, and too many of you fans have been getting real comfortable at concerts, such as throwing objects at celebrities and grabbing them inappropriately.

Keep your damn hands to yourself. Period.

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