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Mauricio Umansky Says Separation From Kyle Richards Will Play Out on 'Buying Beverly Hills'

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky’s marital woes has sort-of played out on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle didn’t share much information, but if you were reading between the lines it was obvious that there was trouble in paradise.

“There were things that happened that made me lose my trust that I wasn’t able to recover from,” Kyle explained in the Season 13 RHOBH finale. Meanwhile, Mauricio was in Aspen, and he reportedly shared some details about the couple’s separation.

Mauricio recently revealed that their marriage problems will also play out on Mauricio’s Netflix series, Buying Beverly Hills. He shared with his wife of 26 years just how much stress he was under. “I had a whole breakdown the other day in the office,” he said. Well, that is a pretty open and honest statement.

via: TMZ

We spoke with Mauricio last week while he was building homes in South Los Angeles in coordination with Habitat for Humanity alongside his daughters ... who are featured heavily in the season 2 trailer for the hit Netflix reality show.

Apparently, the convos in the trailer aren't staged ... instead, Mauricio says cameras were set to roll on the family in Aspen last summer -- the same weekend news of the separation blew up online.

Mau says the fam decided not to hide their issues from the cameras ... and instead allowed themselves to be vulnerable for the show -- something he's hoping will help members of the audience who might be going through a similar situation.

Of course, our talk with Mauricio comes on the heels of the shocking 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' reunion ... where Kyle revealed Mauricio is looking to move out of their home.

This seems to be a long time coming ... the two separated last July, and both Kyle and Mauricio have been linked to new partners -- though they've both denied any new romantic relationships.

Umansky explained he's not super far into the moving process when we asked about it ... but added he's not totally ready to open up about specifics just yet either.

It seems like fans will get an inside look at the tumultuous relationship soon enough. "Buying Beverly Hills" season 2 premieres March 22.

While I felt Kyle was inauthentic at times and I felt bamboozled me by not being forthcoming about her marital woes, I might give Mauricio's show a gander if they show authenticity and really show how they're trying to work through their marital problems. However if he pulls some vague BS like Kyle did throughout the recently wrapped season of RHOBH, I will be paying them dust in the future.

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