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Meet The Monsters: The Boulet Brothers Dragula Season 5

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Hello uglies, it's that time of year where we get to feast upon a brand new season of The Boulet Brothers Dragula.

The fifth season will introduce us to 11 new drag monsters, and not only will we get to know a new set of US queens, but the series is going international as well, with queens plucked from China, United Kingdom and Argentina.

“We have created four seasons of the main show at this point, and just wrapped our first all stars season with The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Titans spin-off, and we consider all of that part of “Chapter 1” of the Dragula story. With season 5, we are beginning a new and innovative new chapter of the show, and we’ve retooled and updated the format in an incredibly exciting way.” Says Dracmorda.

“Nobody is going to sail the ship with more passion than us, so we’ve taken over as the show’s directors for season 5, and we’ve brought in some incredibly talented new team members who are really elevating what you will see on-screen,” says Swanthula. “We’re going back to basics with the format, and focusing on the competition element of the show, the incredible artists that we’ve cast and the out-of-this-world looks they create each week, and of course, drag artists doing insanely terrifying and shocking physical challenges on tv. This is the best-looking season of the show yet, and I can’t wait for fans to see these new competitors. They are truly the most impressive drag artists I have ever seen on-screen.”

Dragula season 5 premieres on Tuesday, October 31 on AMC+ and Shudder.

Check out the 11 super monsters below...

Anna Phylactic - Manchester, UK

Blackberri - Houston, Texas

Cynthia Doll - Kansas City, Mo

Fantasia Royale Gaga - Miami, Florida

Jarvis Hammer - Atlanta, Georgia

Jay Kay - Brooklyn, New York

Niohuru X - Tianjin, China

Orkgotik - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Onyx Ondyx - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Satanaa - Los Angeles, California

Throb Zombie - Boston, Massachusetts

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