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Meghan McCain Threatens Legal Action Against The View For Slandering Her

Political lunatic, certified nepo baby, and John McCain's daughter NutMeg McCain blasted The View co-hosts after Ana Navarro seeming shades her for "influence peddling."

As Ana defended President Joe Biden’s son for using his last name to help him get ahead and make money in some instances, she seemingly dropped a little shade for the former View co-host, without referring to Meghan directly. After the show, the Bad Republican author, 39, put her old coworkers on blast on X (former Twitter).

During the segment, Ana said that some of the things that Hunter has been accused of were very commonplace in Washington, when she seemed to make a reference to Meghan, who is late Senator John McCain’s daughter. “Did Hunter Biden influence-peddle on his last name? Yes, he did. So did half of Washington. People sitting at this table did it,” she said, and the audience laughed. When her co-hosts asked who she was talking about, Ana explained that she was speaking about a past View member. “I’m not talking about currently.”

While the ladies on The View never directly said Meghan’s name, the former commentator took to social media to respond to the apparent dig. “I don’t understand why my former colleagues @TheView @ABC bring me up and slander me on an almost weekly basis. It has been years – move on, I have,” she said. “I have never been accused of a crime in my life and am a patriotic American – I would never and have never “influenced peddled” in my life, let alone with foreign adversaries. Not all politicians [sic] children are the same – and I am no Hunter Biden.”

Meghan went on to say that the claims about her were “absurd” and “slanderous.” She also said that she’d be discussing the segment with her lawyers. “I do not take it lightly when any news program suggests I engage in criminal behavior, especially as a former employee of ABC News,” she wrote.

The Daily Mail columnist was a co-host on The View from 2017 until she left in 2021. After leaving the show, Meghan slammed the talk show, claiming that it was a “toxic work environment” in her memoir, which was released months after her final episode.

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