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Method Man Says He’ll Never Perform At Summer Jam Again Due To “Generation Gap”

Method Man insists he will never perform at Hot 97's Summer Jam concert again.

via: Vibe

Method Man thinks his time performing at Summer Jam may have ended due to the widening of rap’s generational gap. On Sunday (June 2), Hot 97 took to Instagram with some highlights from the 2024 Summer Jam festival, with reels and posts showing love to artists like Cash Cobain, Lola Brooke, 41 World, French Montana, Rakim, Doja Cat, Sexyy Red, Method Man & Redman, and more. However, Meth responded to Hot 97’s reel recapping his performance with Red and wasn’t satisfied with the crowd’s response.

The Hip-Hop legend explained that the “generation gap” in rap had drastically widened, and he no longer feels Summer Jam’s crowd aligns with his discography. As a result, the Wu-Tang Clan emcee asserted that he is “never coming back.” “Not our crowd at all,” he began. “Thanks again, New York and the whole tri-state (that showed up to the event), plus Pete and Ebro. I got love for you guys, but never again…at this point, the generation gap is just too wide for me.”

Multiple fans responded to his comment on IG and agreed with the timeless rapper. Some remarks noted that Summer Jam has simply “forgotten what real Hip-Hop” is and pushed aside the genre’s legacy acts to hone in on the newer generation of artists.

“Keepin it a buck, Hip-Hop never really embraced and uplifted ‘legacy acts’ like Rock or Country,” a fan typed. “When Journey or George Strait pop out – their CULTURE makes sure to update the younger generation. That spot ain’t billed for you anymore.”

“I wish the rest of our generation [would] show up at this show,” another comment began. “@hot97 Summer Jam is for one hit wonders not LEGENDS cause unfortunately this young generation don’t care about our generation. Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, etc…These kids don’t know Hip-Hop! Busta gets on stage and does that same damn Chris Brown verse over and over cause that’s all they know. #BanHot97.”

Other remarks noted that The Roots Picnic showed more love to Meth & Red, insisting that festival is where “real Hip-Hop is celebrated.”

In fact, the two emcees performed at the annual picnic the day before where they joined Black Thought, Common, and Freeway for a special remix of the legendary posse cut, “4,3,2,1” which originally featured DMX, LL Cool J, Canibus, and Master P. Method Man & Redman and the rest of the men traded verses during Black Thought & J. Period’s Live Mixtape segment of the show, receiving warmer reactions than they did during their appearance at Summer Jam.

When I was growing up, I saw Method Man as one of my favorite rappers from Wu Tang who had an amazing solo career and also gave us some bops whenever he would join forces with Redman.

This generation sees Meth as Tariq's lawyer from Power. It's really sad that this current generation will know trash from clowns like Sexyy Red and some TikTok one-hit wonder than real hip hop from Red and Meth.

Real hip hop and R&B is dying out here in these streets, and maybe what we need is a throwback hip hop festival that celebrates artists such as Method Man, Redman, Lil Kim, Salt N Pepa, LL Cool J, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Latifah, Roxanne Shante and more.

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