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Mo'Nique Claps Back At Sherri Shepherd And Kym Whitley Over Film Performance After Being Blackballed

Mo'Nique took to social media to gather Sherri Shepherd and Kym Whitley over some backhanded comments they made on their podcast.

Mo’Nique shared a lengthy message suggesting that she felt slighted by Sherri Shepherd and Kym Whitley when they spoke about her performance in the suspense film The Reading years after being blackballed from Hollywood, has learned.

Hicks portrays Emma, who copes with the trauma of a deadly home invasion by writing a book. As she grapples with the grief and stress, things turn awry when a young psychic and her team perform a reading in her home and a new terror is unleashed.

“She’s a great actress,” said Shepherd, noting people often underestimate stars who transition from stand-up to the big screen.

“Personality wise, she is always getting in trouble. Always,” Shepherd continued. “If it’s not with another comic, D.L. Hughley, it is with the industry. Somebody.”

Hicks began her post by thanking the pair for their praise of her work before getting into the nitty-gritty.

“You then attempted to show a connection between my personality and me being blackballed, along with the fallout I had with Brother DL Hughley,” she continued. “First thing, kids with their parents, criminals with the law, and slaves with their masters, get into trouble, and last time I checked, I don’t fit into any of these categories to get in trouble with anyone mentioned, do you two?”

Over the years, Mo’Nique had been vocal about her feud with Precious director Lee Daniels, telling The Hollywood Reporter in 2015 that she was “blackballed” because she did not campaign for the flick more during the Oscar award season.

Mo’Nique won best supporting actress for her portrayal of an abusive mother and she and Lee have since confirmed they squashed any tension between them in April 2022.

“Check my resume,” Mo’Nique told Shepherd and Whitley. “I don’t go knocking on anyone’s door saying things I can’t substantiate, but some people have a problem with me because when they knock on my door with BS. I answer.”

“Anytime the team of you two sisters would like to speak with the team of my husband and I, we welcome it. Thank you two again for the compliments, though backhanded, and please know regardless, I still love you both to life, ‘sisters’! I LOVE US 4REAL!”

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