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Mo'Nique Slams Oprah & Tyler Perry as 'Coon MotherF*****s' in Wild Rant, Implies Oprah & Gayle Are Lovers

Mo'Nique is once again slamming Oprah and Tyler Perry -- reigniting her years-long feud with them ... and using some racially-charged language that questions their Blackness.

via: Complex

During a spot as the opener on Katt Williams' "Dark Matter" Tour, Mo'Nique slammed the billionaires in a rant that she even asked the audience to repeat. "Fuck you, Oprah Winfrey! Fuck you, Tyler Perry!" she shouted at the beginning of the clip below. "Fuck them c**n motherfuckers! I said it, n***a, say it with me!"

When noticing that some people in the crowd were "scared" and didn't want to say Mo'Nique's chant, she mocked them, saying, "I love that Black raggedy bitch. I love that Black simple-minded motherfucker. I love Oprah Winfrey's Black ass. And we just need to bring her back to Black."

After asking one person, named Melvin, if they're an Oprah Winfrey fan, they seemed to confirm it, but Mo'Nique said, "Okay, well I'm not apologizing for any motherfucking thing I say."

"We need you to help us bring that bitch back to Black. I need you to bend her the fuck and fuck her like a Nashville, Tenessee n***a would, and bring that bitch back to Black," Mo told Melvin.

Mo'Nique went on to allege that Winfrey and her best friend, TV personality Gayle King, are lovers, saying, "I've never seen best friends like that."

"We ain't seen Stedman [Graham] in 30 motherfucking years," she added. "Who is loving Oprah and Gayle King? Each other! But we don't want to say the shit out loud. I'm too motherfucking old to be scared of this bitch. I'm too motherfucking old to be intimidated by this bitch. I'm too old to hold the motherfucking truth."

She continued, "You know why I fuck with Oprah Winfrey, Melvin? 'Cause that bitch tried to fuck with me privately. But I'm a public bitch. You try to fuck with me behind closed doors, bitch open the door up. Ding-dong, I'm gonna let your motherfucking ass in. Now are you gonna fuck her or not?"

The rant might have a little something to do with Mo'Nique allegedly being "blackballed" after not partaking in unpaid promotion for 2009 film Precious, which Winfrey and Perry were executive producers for.

In Februrary, Mo'Nique discussed her long-running issues with the two in an episode of Shannon Sharpe's podcast Club Shay Shay.

At this point I feel like Mo'Nique is the girl who cried wolf. She's still doing stand-up ranting about how she was mistreated while they're rolling through life unbothered.

I just wish she would spend more time developing some actual jokes than going on these screaming tirades.

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