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Monica Beverly Hillz Accuses Ex Boyfriend Josh Seiter Of Faking His Own Death

Less than 24 hours after RuPaul's Drag Race alum Monica Beverly Hillz took to social media that her ex-boyfriend of five minutes -- former Bachelorette contestant Josh Seiter had died, now comes word that his demise was in fact not true at all.

While Seiter claims his page was hacked, the All Stars 8 contestant has clocked Seiter, and believes his claims are nothing more than a publicity stunt.

"I'm baffled," says Monica, who does not believe Seiter's account of being hacked. "I'm angry. I'm happy he's alive, I'm happy he's here, but this is so infuriating to me."

Reached for comment Tuesday, Seiter denied perpetrating the hoax himself. "Those are all ridiculous accusations made up by somebody with nothing better to do with their time," he said in an email. "As a mental health advocate, issues of suicide are very sensitive for me. To suggest that I would orchestrate a death post around that issue is sickening. I have dedicated the last 8 years of my life blogging and raising awareness about mental health, and I will continue to do so. Regardless of what my detractors have to say."

Monica spoke to EW and exclusively gave them some tea on Josh, and why she believes he faked his own death.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I want to start with some background on your relationship with Josh. How did you meet, and were you officially a couple?

MONICA BEVERLY HILLZ: I've known Josh and known of Josh for many years now. We used to work in the same circuit. I did drag at the time, and he was a go-go dancer. This was right after my first stint on Drag Race, so 2013-ish. He was on The Bachelorette in 2015. We fell out of contact, but I'd comment on his stuff because he was beautiful, he was sickening, of course I was going to sneak into the DMs. I would put heart faces on his stuff, he'd put heart faces on my stuff. It wasn't until August [2023] that he hit me up the second time around, like, "Hey, how are you? Why did you unfollow me?" I unfollowed him a long time ago; I got hacked a couple of years ago, and they unfriended a bunch of people and added a lot of crazy people on my Instagram. Maybe it happened then. We were going back and forth talking about our lives, he asked me if I was interested in him, I said, "Yeah, I've been interested in getting to know you for a couple of years now." We were conversing back and forth, I was going to L.A. the next day, and that's when he finally asked me on a date… Which is the first picture that everybody saw on social media, our first date. From there, we were not official at that time, we were just dating.

It never became an official relationship?

It did become official. Our second date, the second picture I posted of us, that's when it was official. That weekend was his birthday, I took him to a magic show in my neighborhood for my birthday. That night we made it official and let everybody know on social media that we were dating.

Okay, that was two weeks ago. Did you break up in that time period?

I was already iffy because I Googled him and I see all this negative press about him. To me, the internet is the internet, being from social media, I know better, don't believe everything that you read. I didn't judge him as a clout chaser… I never heard about that kind of stuff because I wasn't looking for him until he slid into my DMs. It wasn't until I posted the first picture that everybody was blowing me up like, "Girl, run," and, "He's a clout chaser," and we'd laugh about it, like, "People are calling you a clout chaser," so when I'd hear comments, I would ask him. He'd tell me that he would plant those stories on his own.

The negative press?

Yes… People don't realize that he broke up with me [on] Aug. 22. This is what he says [in a text]. Before this, we got into an argument. I started the argument, I was like, he has no communication skills. I'm his girlfriend now, we rarely speak unless we're going to go on a date, I say all of this to say, maybe he is using me for clout. We were going back and forth in text messages. I'm like, "What's going on?" He was like, "I'm busy, you're busy, I don't expect for you to get right back to my text messages." In my mind I'm like, dude, that's a pile of f---ing s---, because if I'm dating you, you better answer your texts, and you're a guy who knows social media, you're always on your phone. To be honest, I started talking to other people already, because I'm like, this is going nowhere, but I'll still give it a chance. That Monday, we didn't speak at all… I wake up Tuesday to this: "Hey hun, I'm sorry, but I'm not good. My grandpa passed away this morning in his sleep. Heading to the airport now, my life is in shambles, and I can't give you the time and dedication you deserve. Let's remain friends. Thank you for being amazing."

He said this last week or this week?

No, he sent that the 22nd, last Tuesday.

When was the last time you spoke with him prior to the supposed death?

This is the last time I spoke to him.

Is that why you deleted the photos on your Instagram?

Yes, because already we were having issues. He was trying to make it work, but I felt like he doesn't want to make it work to make it work, he wanted to because he still wants this clout. I took my pictures down on Instagram, we were fine, I go back to Instagram, and he has me blocked. Then, I'm getting blown up by screenshots of him talking like, "Me and Monica went our separate ways," and posted that he's concentrating on his adult film career, which he never told me about.

This was all in the last seven days?

Yes. I was so happy to get out of this relationship because it was the most roller coaster relationship I've ever had. Girl, not even three weeks of us officially dating, talking to each other off and on. In three weeks, there were so many emotions. He was up, down, inside out, that's why when I heard that he passed away, I didn't want to believe it, but in a sense I'm like, he's not really all up there. He's not, and I sensed that. I suffer from mental issues, but I take medication and I see a therapist, but he doesn't do that kind of stuff… I'm not trying to be rude, but this is what's happening. Why is there no repercussion for him? Now he has his Instagram back so now he's going to go back to what he's doing, and nobody's going to hold Josh accountable because, what? He's a white, cis man. It really does bother me because trans women of color, people I know personally, are being attacked and murdered and nobody's giving them the airtime they need, but Josh Seiter comes along and he's in the news, he's everywhere.

How did you find out about the news of his supposed passing?

I found out just like everybody else, because I had no communication with the guy because he blocked me. The only way I found out what was going on, I'd sneak into another Instagram just to make sure he wasn't pulling stunts. After we broke up, I got nervous. He's used to pulling stunts and doing crazy s---, what is he going to do with me now?

Honestly, I was happy to be away from him. I already moved on. Now, finding out supposedly my ex died, he's dead on a Monday and alive on a Tuesday, I don't have the words. I'm baffled. I'm angry. I'm happy he's alive, I'm happy he's here, but this is so infuriating to me. Being involved and being a trans woman of color, speaking about certain situations, not letting men use us for our glamour and spotlight, and here's this guy doing all of this stuff. It makes me look like I'm involved and that I'm crazy… I got my page hacked, it took me months to get my damn Instagram back. I was devastated. There's no way in hell that [his] was hacked. Sorry, no.

He said in the video posted to his account today that he had been hacked. You don't believe him?

Hell no, and this is the biggest thing: You dated me, if your s--- was hacked, you should've called me, the first one… He knows me well enough to know I would've picked up the phone, because I'm friends with all of my exes. He has my number, to call me and say, "Hey, I need your help, you can release a statement saying my thing is hacked." He didn't do s---, sat back, and got off on everybody freaking out and going through a thing. It's sick in the f---ing head.

I'm just wondering why he wouldn't contact you after seeing you posting about him being dead?

Josh has told me this verbatim, face-to-face, he has more than one Instagram, so he knows. He's seeing all of this. That was my first instinct, too. This sick motherf----r, today, when I found this out, was watching this whole thing. I get flashbacks of everything he told me. He was watching all of this and knew it got out of hand… I'm over here crying, I hadn't slept, crying every two minutes thinking that this is happening, and the entire time, this man is alive getting off on all of this s---.

Have you spoken to him today?

Baby, I sure did text him, "So, you're alive?" but he has me blocked, so he's not going to get it. Is it even a real number? I'm questioning everything about this whole situation.

For the next person who might date him, what would you say to that person?

Run. Don't even do it. If you know what's good for you, run.

EW reached out to Josh, and he had this to say about Monica's accusations towards him: “Those are ridiculous accusations made up by somebody with nothing better to do with their time, he said. “As a mental health advocate, issues of suicide are very sensitive for me.

“To suggest that I would orchestrate a death post around that issue is sickening. I have dedicated the past eight years of my life [to] blogging and raising awareness about mental health, and I will continue to do so, regardless of what my detractors have to say.”

No shade, but I actually believe Monica. First of all, Josh was eliminated the first week he competed on The Bachelorette. Second, he's dated countless women from other reality shows including 90 Day Fiance and Love After Lockup. He's also dabbled in gay porn, and appeared in a racist video alongside Bryan Hawn called Dear Black People.

All of this screams thirsty clout-chasing fame whore to me. I wouldn't be surprised if he's pretending to have mental health issues for attention.

He's also flip-flopped on his sexuality quite a bit (one minute he identifed as pansexual. Then he changed his mind and came out as bisexual. Gender identity and sexuality is fluid, so I'm not going to fault him too much on him trying to figure out his sexuality.

However since he is currently battling mental health issues, this could have been one of those extreme bipolar episodes where he thought faking his death and then claiming it a hoax would being him some attention.

I know Monica is worried that he'll go back to his sociopathic ways on social media, because he has yet to receive any kind of repercussions for his actions. If Meta won't handle is clout chasing ass, we the people can hold his feet to the fire and refuse to support anything he's doing and prevent him from working at any queer establishments.

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