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Natalie Nunn Says She's Taking Legal Action Against DC Restaurant For Denying Her Service

Zeus reality star Natalie "long chin" Nunn says she's gearing up to take legal action against The Park at 14th in DC for denying her service.

Nunn took to Instagram to share her frustration, announcing her intent to file a lawsuit against the establishment. However, according to her, they allegedly refused service based on her association with the Zeus Network.

In an IG video, Nunn expressed her frustration. She declared the restaurant "canceled" and vowing never to return. Moreover, according to her post, the manager explicitly stated, "We're not letting her or the Zeus network in; we don't like any of their shows."

In a voiceover accompanying the video, Nunn detailed the encounter. She recounted her attempt to secure a table by providing her American Express card for reservation. However, she claims that she was denied entry on the grounds of her affiliation with the Zeus Network.

"Anyone that's affiliated with the Zeus Network, we don't care, we don't like what you guys represent. We don't like your TV shows," she claimed the restaurant staff told her. The situation took a concerning turn when Nunn questioned the ownership of the establishment, insinuating that racial bias might be at play. "I gave them my American Express card to reserve on file for the table. They said I cannot come in because they don't like the Black network that I work for. Who is the owner? Because he's not black, I promise you," Nunn said in the video.

However, social media didn't see too much of a problem with it. In fact, many users actually agreed with the establishment. "A business is allowed to refuse service..I’m not seeing the problem," one person commented. "Chileeeeee, don’t come for our classy DC spot everyone don’t want drama in their establishment! Sofa ls getting tore up bottles getting thrown," said another. "I would have refused service too. Yal fight every yal go. They’re an insurance liability lol. Who is going to clean up the mess," another commented. "Honey, there is plenty of evidence of y’all destroying establishments," someone else wrote.

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