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Nelly Furtado Announces New Single Eat Your Man

Nelly Furtado is back! The Promiscuous singer, who hasn't put out any new material in six years has announced that she's planning to drop her brand new single Eat Your Man on June 2.

The track was produced by upcoming EDM producer Dom Dolla, and in a recent interview with Fault, the singer revealed she has been in the studio for the past 18 months recording music, and also revealed hoe her collaboration with Dom Dolla came about.

I was in Portugal on vacation with my family when my manager reached out and said, “I know you’re busy recording an album, but would you want to do this New Year’s gig in Australia?” I went on iTunes and played some Dom Dolla stuff, and I immediately liked it. My A&R reached out to his team and asked if he had any beats for me.

When I got in the studio, producers usually send beats through Dropbox, but he sent a video, which nobody does. When I opened the folder, a video of Dom Dolla popped up, and he was like, “Hello legend” in his Australian accent (laughs). He said, “I hope you like these beats.” He had me at “legend”! I listened to the beats and I liked them, so we started communicating and trading song ideas.

After the show, we just started making music, and it’s been a process of reclaiming and re-understanding the roots of what I do. I started connecting the dots, asking myself why all these DJs were remixing “Give It to Me” and “Say It Right.” I realized and recognized that my voice just sounds so good over beats, and I shouldn’t run away from it.

Dom really taught me to go back to that truth of just feeling good and finding the soul in the music. In the EDM world, they’re not really concerned about creating a pop smash or anything like that. They’re just trying to capture a moment.

On The Process Of Recording Her Seventh Album:

"I’ve surrounded myself with so many creative people in the studio over the last year. I’ve taken a “the more, the merrier” approach and understood that you have to be open to staying excited and fresh. It’s all about staying creative, being out there, listening to music, and being in the mix. You can’t expect to just rest on your laurels and then one day saunter into the studio and make good music. I stay inspired by the company I keep with artists, songwriters, producers, and DJs I’ve met, and it has been amazing."

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