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New York City Mayor Eric Adams Is ‘Considering’ Revoking Diddy’s Key To The City

Mayor Eric Adams said his administration is “taking everything under analysis” regarding Sean “Diddy” Combs’ key to the city after a video surfaced of the rapper assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

via: Complex

During an interview on 1010 WINS, Mayor Adams was asked about the CNN-shared footage and Diddy’s subsequent statement. Per Adams, “an analysis” is underway with regards to potentially rescinding the key honor, something that Adams said has never been done in the city’s history.

“Well, listen, the action was unacceptable and all of us who looked at the video, we were probably sick to our stomach,” Mayor Adams said on Monday, as heard here. “Our team is doing an analysis. We never have taken a key back from anyone but the team is doing an analysis of what the next steps are.”

In a separate interview, this time with WPIX, Adams made similar remarks in response to a similar inquiry, adding that a “final determination” would come from his team at some point, though he didn’t specific when, exactly, the public could expect further updates.

“I think all of us were deeply disturbed by watching that chilling video of the young lady being assaulted by him,” he said. “The committee and the team, we’ve never rescinded a key before, but we are now sitting down to see what the next steps forward are going to be. … We are taking everything under analysis.”

Diddy was given the Key to the City of New York in September 2023, roughly two months before Cassie’s lawsuit. At the time, Adams pointed to Diddy as “the embodiment of the New York City attitude” and called him a “singular, generational talent.” Diddy, meanwhile, referred to the moment “an honor” from “the city that molded me.”

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