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Nick Cannon To Fill In For Jamie Foxx On Beat Shazam

As if he doesn't have enough jobs (but then again he does have 12 kids to feed), Nick Cannon has been selected to host the upcoming season of Beat Shazam until the show's original host Jamie Foxx recovers in the hospital.

Kelly Osbourne will fill in as the show’s DJ — a gig held down by Jamie's daughter Corrinne. She's opted to step down from the show and remain by her father's side while he recovers.

Meanwhile, Jamie has made his first pubic statement since being hospitalized for an undisclosed “medical complication.”

Here's what he wrote on Instagram:

While Jamie's team has remained tight-lipped about what caused the comic/singer/actor to be hospitalized in the first place, a new report stated that the 55-year-old actor had to be revived after being rushed to an Atlanta hospital on April 11.

“Jamie suffered a serious medical episode and needed immediate attention,” the source said.

“It was touch and go for days with him, and he had to be revived — he is very lucky to be alive!”

Sources said the desperate emergency room physicians likely saved his life! “He’s very lucky he got the treatment he did,” said an insider.

My prayers are definitely with you Jamie.

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