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Nick Cannon WHO? Elephant Man Reveals He Has 38 Kids, And Wouldn’t Mind A Few More

Jamaican Dancehall legend Elephant Man recently revealed that he has over 30 kids, putting Nick Cannon and his dozen to shame.

via: Hot 97

During a recent Instagram live session the dancehall star explains, “I have 38 pickney; start from mi a 17,” the Pon Di River hitmaker said. “Mi might ugly and all of that, but the gyal dem like mi bandy legs… ‘Member a me climb and jump off a di something dem and the gyal dem seh, ‘No man, mi woulda tek a lift up from dah black boy yah’… ‘Member di gyal dem see the attitude enuh…”

Elephant Man’s family grown from 20 to 38 since 2019. When his producer  Noah Powa asked if he would be interested in having more, he explained, “How yuh mean? Den if it come, it nuh come bredda. Weh you a talk bout?”

He also spoke about his family dynamics and the relationship with his children’s mothers. “We’ve been through it,” the artist said. “When you’re a likkle youth coming from nothing to something, people a go talk things. But at the end of the day, never mek a rumour be true. Me take care of my kids but sometimes you and the mother have a dispute and you know how that go.”

He goes on to explain that while he’s being intimate, he doesn’t use a condom. “You nah sex your woman inna nuh condom. You ever go to your woman inna her house inna condom, yuh inna trouble.”

The artist discussed how he navigated a rumor that he had contracted AIDS. “Memba mi deh yah good one time and dem seh Ele have AIDS. Me seh weh dat come from? Mi nuh dead, mi deh ya – that’s how people is. Me stay strong cause the fittest of the fittest shall live and God nuh waan no weakness inna Him camp.”

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