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Nickelodeon Star Victoria Justice Says Dan Schneider Owes Her an Apology Because ‘I Was Being Treated Unfairly’ at Times

Victoria Justice, who headlined Nickelodeon’s popular series “Victorious” for four seasons and 57 episodes between 2010 and 2013, said in a new interview with Marie Claire that she feels like series creator Dan Schneider owes her an apology as she was “treated unfairly” at times on the show.

via: People

When Investigation Discovery's Quiet on Set docuseries broke open Nickelodeon's alleged toxic work environment for its child actors, the network's former stars came forward to detail the sexual, sexist and discriminatory abuse they claimed to have endured.

Justice, who helmed her own show Victorious and starred in Zoey 101, revealed that her time with Schneider, who created both series, wasn't perfect but was for the most part positive.

"Something that was very evident in the documentary is that Dan had a very large ego," she told Marie Clarie. "And sometimes that ego clouded his better judgment and affected the way he treated people, and there were times I felt like I was being treated unfairly."

(L-R) Daniella Monet, Ariana Grande, Avan Jogia, Victoria Justice, Leon Thomas III, Elizabeth Gillies, Matt Bennett on 'Victorious'. NICKELODEON / COURTESY: EVERETT COLLECTION

The publication noted that Justice, 31, experienced negative treatment, especially at the end of her run with the network, but it was "never anything sexual" in nature.

The actress also addressed the problematic double entendres and sexual overtones Schneider would sneak into his kids shows, calling his jokes and conduct in "poor taste."

Shortly after the documentary aired, Schneider responded to the allegations made against him and issued apologies to various people who were affected by his behavior on set.

"I would say I'm definitely one of the people on that list," Justice said.

Now that over a decade has passed since Victorious aired its final episode, the former child star revealed that she hasn't been in contact with Schneider but still hears from him through occasional birthday texts. She's also seen him during virtual and in-person reunions she's attended with the cast of Zoey 101 and Victorious.

"I'm not condoning any of his behavior," she explained. "At the end of the day, my relationship with Dan is a very complex one: I met him when I was 12 years old, and he's the person that gave me this big break. He completely changed my life. Most likely I wouldn't be here where I am today if it weren't for him, and for him seeing something in me. For that I will always be grateful."

"After watching his apology, I think he recognizes that he did a lot of things wrong, and I think if he could step back into a time machine, he would do a lot of things differently," she added.

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