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Nicki Minaj Accused Of Stealing Barbie World Concept From Saweetie

Nicki Minaj has joined forces with trending rapper of the moment Ice Spice on Barbie World, but she's being accused of stealing the song's concept from Saweetie.

via: Vibe

A Compton rapper known as Problem, took to Instagram on Sunday (June 18) to voice the allegations.

Jason Martin asserted that he had to speak up regardless of whether Saweetie was going to or not and demanded he be paid and properly credited. The man also detailed how the song began as “Icy Girl,” which Saweetie sent over to Nicki for a collaboration.

However, he argues that the Queen emcee took her off, changed the concept to “Barbie World,” and added Ice Spice to the track for the movie.

“Y’all gon’ give me what I deserve,” Martin said. “Now, if Saweetie don’t wanna trip, that’s on her… But we crafted a record that was sent over to Nicki to hop on to submit to the Barbie soundtrack.”

He continued, “She said she was gonna do it. Then all of a sudden, a new version was created. Yes, it’s a sample, you can do what you want. But ni**a, you can’t hear one thing, say you’re gonna do this, then go do your version. It ain’t happening like that — Anybody that’s in this business knows that that’s not how this works.”

Martin doubled down on his claim on Twitter, using a video of the California native performing “Icy Girl.”

“As a writer on this, I can confirm this song and idea was sent to her last year to submit for the Barbie movie,” he said. “It’s sad to see that the original artist has been pushed off a song that was her idea and was meant for both of them. I have no side in this, but I will be compensated.”

“If or when I need to detail the whole way it went down in regards to this Barbie sh*t, you will understand why all writers need to be compensated with day rates and contracts protecting their intellectual properties the day of. Hopefully, this gets sorted out quietly. But please, no, I don’t scare easy,” the rapper concluded.

Nicki and Ice’s “Barbie World” is scheduled to release on Friday (June 23). Much like Saweetie’s “Icy Girl,” the track samples Aqua’s 1997 hit Barbie Girl.

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