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Nicki Minaj’s Husband Kenneth Petty Pleads With Judge For Permission to Travel Overseas For Pink Friday 2 World Tour to Help With ‘Childcare’

Kenneth Petty’s journey to join Minaj on her global musical escapade faces a significant obstacle.

Nicki Minaj's husband Kenneth Petty told a judge he needed to accompany the rapper on her Pink Friday 2 tour to help with "childcare."

According to court documents obtained by, Petty's lawyer said his client wanted to, "travel out of the country with his family for his wife’s tour and her professional purposes."

His motion read, “Mr. Petty and Mrs. Petty believe Mr. Petty is necessary to accompany the family on the tour for various purposes, including childcare.”

Petty’s lawyer added, “The anticipated travel schedule begins on April 17, 2024, and continues periodically to July 14, 2024. The travel schedule calls for travel to several countries including Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, and Romania.”

Petty’s lawyer ended, “The Government has been notified about this application and takes no position. Mr. Petty’s probation officer has been notified of this application and has no objection to the travel request.”

The judge has yet to rule on the matter. Reporter Meghann Cuniff first reported the news.

As previously reported, Petty was accused of first-degree rape of a woman named Jennifer Hough. He reached a plea deal with prosecutors and the charge was reduced to attempted rape. He served 4 years in prison. After his release, he was ordered to register as a sex offender.

Petty moved to California with Minaj after getting hitched in 2019. He was hit with criminal charges in 2021 for failing to register as a sex offender when he moved.

The court ordered him to serve 3 years probation and complete his registration as a sex offender in California.

In addition, the order read, “The defendant shall refrain from any unlawful use of a controlled substance. The defendant shall submit to one drug test within 15 days of release from custody and at least two periodic drug tests thereafter, not to exceed eight tests per month, as directed by the Probation Officer.”

As previously reported, Petty recently wrapped up a 120-day house arrest sentence. He was ordered to serve months inside Minaj’s $20 million mansion after being accused of violating his probation by making public threats to Cardi B’s husband Offset.

In addition, Petty and Minaj were ordered to pay a six-figure sum to a security guard who accused Petty of assaulting him at the rapper’s show in Germany.

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