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Niecy Nash-Betts Reveals She Was Advised Not To Come Out During GLAAD Media Awards Speech

Niecy Nash-Betts was honored with the Stephen F. Kolzak Award at the 35th annual GLAAD Media awards, and during her speech the phenomenal actress opened up about people she was close to in the business suggesting she not come out as a card carrying member of the LGBT community.

She went on to say that she is often asked what it was like for her to come out, to which she responds, “‘Came out of where, baby’? I was never anywhere to come out of! I didn’t live a sexually repressed life. I mean, I loved boys, until I didn’t! I loved them until I encountered the most beautiful soul I’ve ever met.”

She concluded by thanking everyone for holding space for her until she “figures her terms out.” She added, “What I do know for sure is that my name is Niecy Nash-Betts and I’m a lover. I will never hide the very thing I was created for.”

This is exactly why visibility is important, and we need more people to not be afraid to live their authentic lives. I still don't get with all the queers working in Hollywood in 2024 people still have to hide their sexuality?

No one asking you to take off your clothes and fornicate with your same-sex partner in front of millions of people. However acting is the chosen career, and there comes a time where you have to also carve out time for you to live in your truth.

All the community is trying to do is normalize love between two people. So you homophobes and transphobes can miss me with the "we're trying to push our lifestyle on them" narrative.

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