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NLE Choppa Thanks Beyoncé “For Inspiring Me to Step Outside the Box”

NLE Choppa has nothing but love for "Cowboy Carter."

via: Rap Up

NLE Choppa took to his Twitter account to share his thoughts on Beyoncé’s newest album, COWBOY CARTER. The positive tweet thanked the musical icon for “shifting music.”

On Saturday (April 27), the “Shotta Flow” emcee stated, “Beyoncé I just want to say, [I] appreciate the country album, she [is] literally shifting music… All the labels looking for country records because of the shift she’s started just by this album. And even inspiring me, people who look like me, to step outside the box as an urban artist.”

One fan responded, “Beyoncé’s ability to transcend genres is truly remarkable. She continues to break barriers and inspire artists across all spectrums.” Another commented, “I love how you appreciate Beyoncé and appreciate ART!! You actually get it.”

Recently, Beyoncé released her country-inspired album, introducing the world to COWBOY CARTER. The 27-song body of work included previously-heard singles “16 CARRIAGES” and “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM.” It also boasted collaborations with icons like Willie Nelson.

Additional features on the project included Linda Martell, Shaboozey, Rumi Carter, Tanner Adell, Miley Cyrus and Post Malone, to mention a few. Production was handled by Hit-Boy, Killah B and Nathan Ferraro. Based on social media’s reaction to the LP, some of the standout cuts included “BODYGUARD,” “JOLENE” and “DAUGHTER.”

Speaking about the process of working on the project, “SPAGHETTII” collaborator Shaboozey explained to Billboard, “Everyone’s working at the same time and [in] different rooms, and I came in a couple of days and recorded some parts. [Beyoncé] heard them later and liked them. It’s cool how you don’t know until the last moment if your part made it or not.”

He further detailed waiting until the album’s release date to know whether he made the final version. “That’s how Beyoncé, she likes to put things together, taking different parts of different things and different bridges, always experimenting with the sound, so very free-form over there,” he said.

As an artist you can't worry about what's trendy or what your label wants you to do in order to sell your product. The ones that last the longest are the ones that aren't afraid to step outside the box, and while I'm not all that familiar with his music, I'm glad NLE Choppa feels compelled to not follow what's popular creatively.

So black creators, continue to defy expectations, transcend genres and defy what's expected of you from the masses.

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