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No *NSYNC Reunion Tour In The Works As Justin Timberlake Readies 2024 Solo Arena Tour

Since reuniting together for the first time in 10 years at the MTV VMAs, rumors have been swirling all week about a *NSYNC reunion.

While the only collaboration between the boy band that we know of is via a new song for that new Trolls movie no one is going to go see, now comes word that the resson why there is no reunion in the works is per usual, Justin Timberlake is putting all the focus on touring his upcoming sixth solo album.

According to Billboard, Timberlake “has holds on [2024] dates at arenas in North America for a major run.”

His last album, 2018s Man of the Woods was a major flop for the singer, as people weren't feeling the Duck Dynasty fashions and the uninspired production.

Honsetly, I wish they would reconsider a reunion tour, especially since according to reports, the tour could gross a whopping $100 million.

JT has solidified himself as the bonafide solo star, and with the stain he has on his reputation in regards to how he handled personal situations with ex Britney Spears and Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl, I don't know if the hunger for new JT music is as significant as a reunion tour (and possibly some new music) from *NSYNC

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