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Normani: “I Strive to Be a Revolutionary Artist”

After revealing her long-awaited solo album Dopamine will be dropping on June 14, the singer struck a few poses in Elle, and filled fans in on what they can expect from her upcoming project.

On Today’s Era of Artistry:

“I always joke that I was born in the wrong era. When Justin Timberlake was coming up, when Destiny’s Child was coming up, and Beyoncé in the early 2000s, the only thing that mattered was the music. I strive to be [both] a revolutionary and a legacy artist, but you can’t not be aware of the temperature of the world. The reality of it is that TikTok drives records now.”

On Taking Control of Her Career:

“I know what it’s like to put out music and records that I don’t wholeheartedly believe in. When we were in [Fifth Harmony], we didn’t have the opportunity to have a real opinion until the last project we did. I promised myself, “If God gives me another opportunity to do things in my own way, I’m not going to take that for granted.”

On People’s Misconceptions About Her:

“I think that there’s a false narrative that because of how long this process has taken, that means I don’t care, or that means I’m more interested in doing other things than putting this body of work out. Nobody wants this project to come out more than me. I think that at the end of the day, if I stand behind this wholeheartedly, it doesn’t matter what the world thinks.”

On Taking "Motivation" For Granted:

It’s crazy. Now I appreciate that song so much more than I did then. I cried, I “boohoo” cried. I was like, “I don’t want this to be my single.” Then I had total creative control over the video, which meant a lot. I just wanted to feel represented. Now I get it. I understand it more now.

On Her Upcoming Single Candy Paint:

“‘Candy Paint’ is Dopamine. It bridges the gap, I think, between “Motivation” and where I am now. It’s the big cousin to “Motivation.” As soon as it comes on, you move, and when you think of me, you think of movement. I feel like where we are musically, we can afford to pick it up a little bit, like tempo, energy, full-on eight counts.”

I really want Normani to win, but so far these singles aren't giving. I'm here for the ambition, and I hope she is able to have a long-lasting career. If Camila can get a dozen chances to release mediocrity, then why shouldn't Normani be given the same opportunity?

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