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*NSYNC Have No Plans To Release New Music,Tour Or Residency

Last night *NSYNC reunited for the first time in 10 years at the MTV Video Music Awards, which sparked rumors that the boy band would be reuniting and releasing new music.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZdespite the group’s iconic reunion Tuesday night, they have no plans to tour, do a residency, album, or any other pop-up reunions.

After the VMAs, we’re told bandmates along with their management team and close friends — all went to dinner at Ambra in NYC … which was a group close to 50 people.

Our sources say they all had some amazing conversations and laughs during the dinner, which had a menu with the band’s name on it. We’re told everyone was glad to be back under the same roof all these years later.

BTW, we’ve confirmed the rumors the group is featured on a song for the upcoming movie, “Trolls Band Together” … which focuses on Justin Timberlake’s character reuniting with his 4 brothers who were all part of a boy band in the past — pretty meta.

So there might not be an album, but at least a new song is coming soon!

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