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Out Musician Darren Hayes Splits From Husband Richard Cullen After 17 Years Of Marriage

Former Savage Garden singer-songwriter Darren Hayes has announced that he has split from his husband of 17 years, 52-year-old British animator, designer, director, and screenwriter Richard Cullen.

Hayes, 50, took to Instagram to confirm the news, and revealed that their relationship had hit a rough patch for quite sometime, before finally separating earlier this year after growing apart.

Here's what the Aussie singer posted on his Instagram: “I am an open book when it comes to my music and lyrics but am an intensely private person when it comes to my home and family life. Despite the challenge to keep the most sacred and precious parts of my life just for me, I have felt the need to be honest to those who have always cared for my inner world about what’s been going on in my private life these past two years.”

“After 17 years of marriage to the best person I ever met, Richard and I have chosen to accept that our union has greatly and beautifully come to rest,” he continued.

“In honour of this realisation, we separated earlier this year and have been supporting each other emotionally throughout this massive changed in our lives.”

Last year Hayes released the solo album titled Homosexual (Act One), which includes the single All You Pretty Things.

Check out the videos for Let's Try Being In Love, Feels Like It's Over and All You Pretty Things below.

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