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P!nk ‘Pissed Off’ Over Beyoncé and Taylor Swift Music Coverage as Singer is ‘Also Selling Out Stadiums’

Singer P!nk is reportedly upset over the music coverage steering towards artists such as Beyoncé and Taylor Swift.

via: MEAWW

While she was in Australia earlier this year performing sold out shows of her Summer Carnival stadium tour, she reportedly did not get the media coverage similar to the ‘Cruel’ singer, who was also there at the time.

Besides, in January, she announced more shows for the latter half of the year, covering Vancouver, BC; Columbus, Ohio; Detroit; Austin; and many more, as reported by PEOPLE.

But Australian radio broadcaster Tim Blackwell said during an interview on ‘Nova's Ricki-Lee, Tim & Joel’, as per The Sun, “Pink is out here riding her bike around the Opera House saying, ‘I’m here, too!”

He continued, “It’s kind of funny everyone’s talking about Beyonce and Taylor doing the stadium shows but Pink’s also out here selling them all out.”

“I have a friend who’s Pink’s background singer and my friend Danny said she’s really just pissed off no one’s talking about the fact that she’s also selling out stadiums,” Blackwell added.

This came as a business strategy veteran revealed that Swift via her Eras Tour made “$20 million in merchandising sales”.

They reportedly said, “No other artist can even dream about making even $20 million in merchandising sales on tour.”

The expert added, “Millions of fans have been waiting for this to happen, and they have been saving money to spend it on their favorite artist. The tour is the biggest ever, and Taylor is the most famous artist in the world, and they want to have their part of history.”

Besides, Beyonce's 2023 Renaissance World Tour also made quite a stir.

A source reportedly claimed, “Beyonce has poured millions into this show. It is one of the most expensive sets for a concert tour ever. She is a perfectionist.”

“Beyonce has been rehearsing for more than three months and has spent the past five weeks away from home preparing. With all of that investment, she was determined to give it her all — and knows that fans will love it,” they added.

Meanwhile, people online have reacted to P!nk’s alleged issue with Swift and the ‘Queen Bey’.

A person wrote below an ATRL article, “I'm pissed off P!nk hasn't released a good album since 2017.”

Another person said, “Highly doubt. Pink has always been one of the most level-headed and supportive pop girls out there.”

“If true, this is P!nk's own fault, and also her team's fault. They just complain and expect everything to come without moving and without having a PR machine behind them. And don't get me started on how she recycled her own performances for that tour and how the stage design is just... not outstanding. Take all of that, then disappear from the media until the day you have to perform and this is what you'll get,” the third one shared.

A user wrote below a Daily Mail article, “Pink is here alot, she came when no else would...which she deserve credit for...if u look back  u will see pink came before the AUD meant something to the yanks..the rest only came once our dollar was high everywhere the dollar crashed but the AUD was strong due to mining and guess what...then they came otherwise they wouldn't bother.”

The second one mentioned, “Pink's right.  Rather than forcing her fans, who in many cases spent over a thousand dollars in airfare and accomodation,  to come to her, she came to them. A class act.”

“It's all hearsay. Until Pink says something about it herself I'm not buying it,” a reader remarked.

“Pink is family to Australia.  She has spent so much time here, she is one of us now. She is loved and her fanbase isn't going anywhere. She gets a special freedom when she comes here. I'm sure she was grateful the paps were chasing Tay Tay instead,” another one added.

A comment read, “I guess they’re on different generations and unfortunately PINKs generation like me, we aren’t that crazy into going to concerts anymore. It’s Taylor’s time for those who are 35 and younger.”

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