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Patty Jenkins Breaks Silence On Reports Surrounding Wonder Woman 3: 'I Never Walked Away'

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins is setting the record straight about recent reports that she walked away from Wonder Woman 3 after her script was rejected by Warner Bros execs.

via JJ:

”Sigh… I’m not one to talk about private career matters, but I will not allow inaccuracies to continue. Here are the facts,” she started, clearing up all the misconception about the situation.

Patty continued, “When there started being backlash about WW3 not happening, the attractive clickbait false story that it was me that killed it or walked away started to spread. This is simply not true.”

“I never walked away. I was open to considering anything asked of me. It was my understanding there was nothing I could do to move anything forward at this time. DC is obviously buried in changes they are having to make, so I understand these decisions are difficult right now,” she adds.

“I do not want what has been a beautiful journey with WW to land on negative note,” Patty wrote. “I have loved and been so honored to be the person who got to make these last two Wonder Woman films. She is an incredible character. Living in and around her values makes one a better person every day. I wish her and her legacy an amazing future ahead, with or without me.”

“Walking side by side with Lynda Carter, an absolute legend and beacon of goodness and light, has been a thrill,” she went on. “I have learned so much from her and will cherish her as a friend and mentor, always. My crew has been like family and fought every day to give the world the best films they could.”

“And Gal… Gal Gadot. Where do I even begin? Gal is the greatest gift I have received in this whole journey. A cherished friend, inspiration, and sister. There are no words I can use to convey how magical she is. She is the walking embodiment of Wonder Woman in real life and a better person than the world can imagine. Never once in the millions of moments I have spent with her did I see anything less. She is a gift to this world, and even more so, to me.”

Patty concluded, “THANK YOU to the incredible WW fans, and for all of your love and support. Wonder Woman fans are often not the most visible in the media and online, but I want you to know that we have always seen and celebrated you and your importance. You were first and foremost in our minds every day we made the last two films. You are the best and most loving people and I look forward to always celebrating you.”

I loved the first Wonder Woman film. Wonder Woman 1984 not so much. I would love if we can get another WW film with Gal Gadot, but if they decide to go in a different direction and recast Diana Prince I won't be upset (well maybe a little).

I trust that James Gunn and Peter Safran will fix the mess that is the DCU, and will get the superhero arm of Warner Brls on the right track.

You can read Patty‘s full note on the situation below...

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