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Pedro Pascal Shares “Psychotic” Way He Learns His Lines

Pedro Pascal is letting fans in on a trick he uses to learn his lines.

In a recent SAG-AFTRA Foundation round table with the SAG Awards nominees for Outstanding Performance by Male Actor in a Drama Series, Pascal talked about this method of learning his lines.

“I bet I could show you a psychotic physical example of what I now have to do to learn my lines,” Pascal said in the video call that also included Billy Crudup, Matthew Macfadyen and Kieran Culkin. “This is like a psycho first letter of every word. You see the letters, right? Basically, I’m the Unabomber.”

He continued, “You use the first letter of each in these towers or columns, I guess, and it’s this very, very tedious way of making yourself learn the line so that you’re not making choices. It’s not even sort of artistic, it’s just this really technical way I’ve had to acquire because of that terrible experience of forgetting my lines.”

Pascal will seemingly continue using this method of learning his lines for The Fantastic Four, the Marvel film he was recently confirmed to star in as Reed Richards, Mister Fantastic. The actor will also share the screen with Vanessa Kirby, Joseph Quinn and Ebon Moss-Bachrach.

In addition to the superhero movie, Pascal will be seen in the near future in the second season of The Last of Us and the Gladiator sequel.

Watch the full conversation between the SAG Awards nominated actors in the video posted below.

It does sound pretty chaotic, but whatever works to help you memorize your lines, right?

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