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Pee Diddy Trends After Yung Miami Admits She's Into Watersports

On the latest episode of Caresha Please, host Yung Miami spilled some very candid tea about her sex life, and it involves golden showers.

via XXL:

On Thursday (Jan. 19), Yung Miami aired the latest episode of her Caresha Please podcast with guest Trina. During the pod’s drinking game segment, one of the questions asked if the women were fans of golden showers, the nickname for urinating on someone as a sexual act.

“I do,” Yung Miami admitted at the 1:47:57-mark of the podcast.

“Golden showers?” Trina questioned. “Meaning when the guy pees on you everywhere? You like it?”

“I just like it,” Yung Miami doubled down. “I don’t know, it just do something to me.”

The internet ran with Yung Miami’s admission, with “Pee Diddy” becoming the top trending topic on Twitter, due to the City Girls rapper and Bad Boy CEO’s long-going relationship.

“20 days into the new year and Yall done changed Brother Love name to Pee Diddy yall wild,” one person tweeted.

“I log onto Twitter and ‘Pee Diddy’ is trending bcz Diddy be peeing on Careesha and she likes it and it’s got R. Kelly trending too..plzz,” someone else posted.

“Me opening twitter early in the morning and seeing why ‘Pee Diddy’ is trending! Smh Y’all really outchea Pushing Pee this morning huh? Lol,” another person captioned a photo of Jay-Z with the stank face.

All I have to say on this is, if you like it, then who am I to judge? There are worse things people could be into besides golden showers.

Check out the full episode with Trina below...

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