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Pet Shop Boys Shade Drake For Not Clearing West End Girls Lyrics For New Song All The Parties

Pop music icons Pet Shop Boys are calling out music colonizer Drake for interpolating lyrics from their classic pop track West End Girls.

via: Deadline

In a tweet today, the Pet Shop Boys allege the hip-hop superstar didn’t clear the use of lyrics from their catchy 1986 classic “West End Girls” for use in the track “All the Parties” on his new record.

“Surprising to hear @Drake singing the chorus of ‘West End girls’ in the track ‘All the Parties’ on his new album,” reads the tweet from the band. “No credit given or permission requested.”

Drake recites the song’s chorus about two minutes and forty seconds into the three minute and forty second song.

Now if a musician did this to Drake 20+ years from now I guarantee you he'd be on social media calling them out and demanding his cut of the songs royalties.

Take a listen to All The Parties below...

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