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Pharrell Accused Of Stealing Fashion Designer's Concept For Louis Vuitton Menswear Collection

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Pharrell made his menswear fashion debut with a collction via Louis Vuitton in Paris this week, and the event brought out many of his celebrity friends, such as Naomi Campbell, Lenny Kravitz, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Maluma, J Balvin, Anitta, Beyoncé, A$AP Rocky, Tyler the Creator, Jaden and Willow Smith, and even featured a performance from Jay Z.

So while he's basking in the glow of such a monumental moment, the 50-year-old music mogul is being accused of highway fashion thievery.

A designer by the name of Kellie Ford recently took to social media accusing the fashion designer and creative director of the LV brand of mopping her concept.

Kellie went viral back in 2021 when she came up with the idea of taking a LV shopping bag and transforming it into a purse. The video became an instant viral hit and received over 10 million views. Now, the fashion designer claims that Pharrell stole her concept and is using it in his new Louis Vuitton fashion line.

Here's what she said to her followers on TikTok: “Fast forward to 2023, and under Pharrell’s creative direction for Louis Vuitton they dropped what looks like is the bag. Yeah, its crazy.”

Kellie went on to say that it's not about filing lawsuits, but it's the principal of taking other people's ideas and making it your own.

“It ain’t about suing, it ain’t about infringement. The thing is they took the concept…The concept is the same. The concept is, the bag being a normal paper bag being worn at leisure. That’s what they did. They took the concept of the bag….It’s the concept, not the actual bag itself. ”

I saw some people saying that Pharrell's idea is not the same as Kellie's because while she wrapped her bag in plastic, Pharrell's shopping bags were made of leather.

This is why if you have ideas and creative concepts, you need to copyright it, or come up with your own brand name and sell it yourself. I would think going viral over your concept should have afforded you many fashion opportunities.

As for Pharrell, if he was aware of her concept (which I'm sure he was if fashion icons like Dapper Dan were aware), then he should have brought this young lady on as a designer if he was going to use her work in his show.

You can watch the collection in full here

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