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Quavo Calls Chris Brown the 'Crackhead Michael Jackson' on Diss Track Response, Breezy Responds

Quavo didn't waste any time clapping back at Chris Brown.

via: Complex

Chris Brown came for Quavo with some flagrant shots on "Weakest Link" over the weekend. Now the Migos rapper has fired back with "Over Hoes & B*tches," taking the opportunity to call Breezy the "crackhead Michael Jackson" and reference his abusive past more than once.

Premiered on DJ Akademiks' livestream on Monday, the diss track sees Quavo get personal and call on the late Takeoff for a confrontational chorus. The video game-ified cover art sees Quavo, 33, choking out Brown, 34.

Why did Quavo bring his late nephew and bandmate into it? Most likely because Chris did it first, rapping on "Weakest Link," "RIP Takeoff, he the only real one that got true respect/Crazy how when he died, everybody really wished it was you instead."

Jumping straight off the top rope for his first verse on "Over Hoes & Bitches," Quavo taunts Brown, "You been fucked your bag up when you punched Rih in the face/Talking 'bout Fashion Week, you sparing who?/Come punch me in my face."

From there he says Chris knows he "lost to Frank" in their 2013 altercation and references a 2015 home invasion that saw Brown's aunt get locked in a closet while robbers made off with the singer's money and personal items. "N***as ran in your house, tied up your aunt 'cause you ain't pay/This bullet got your name/Don't ever bring up Take, pussy," he raps.

"Over Hoes & Bitches" also brings Karrueche Tran's name into the mix once again. Brown's ex was a focal point of his first shot at Brown this month, "Freak." Quavo hit him back a day later with "Tender."

On the new cut, Quavo spits, "Lil boy wanna die 'bout some coochie?/You still fucked up 'bout Karrueche?/You tried to beat up Teyana, but Usher wouldn't let you do it/The cocaine got him your honor, bipolar disorder, no wonder/You was the greatest, n***a, you fumbled/Going out sad, I'm watching you crumble."

And how about the exact MJ bar? "Crackhead Michael Jackson, bitch, you better beat it, n***a/I'm still fucked up about Takeoff, I want who did it, n***a."

Brown responded on his Instagram Stories almost immediately, writing, "Google Raps THAT SHIT IS POOOOOOOH. Damn and I was excited..that shit don't even need a response. Takeoff rap better. CMON QUAVIOUS."

When 50 Cent caught Brown's "Weakest Link" on Sunday, the 48-year-old emphatically wrote, "Oh my God i just heard this, 😟 if Quavo don’t come with some heat it’s a wrap."

He was clearly standing by, weighing in quickly after "Over Hoes & Bitches" dropped. "I don’t know why I like all of this, 🤷🏽‍♂️but I like it!" the mogul wrote on Instagram. "This heat keep it coming. Breezy gonna punch him in the face 🥊."

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