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Raven Reveals Advice RuPaul Gave Her Before Hosting Her Own Show

Drag Race icon Raven, who launched the second season of her competition series Painted With Raven is opening up about the advice RuPaul gave her when it came down to putting contestants up for elimination.

For those of you who have never seen the show, Painted With Raven features the Drag Race alum as she searches for the next makeup superstar.

“It was difficult when it got to the part of having to put an artist in the bottom and then having to mute one on a weekly basis,” Raven told PinkNews.

“Ru being there for the first episode really put me at ease. Ru said ‘this isn’t the easy part. Put on them big girl tucking panties and do what needs to be done. It’s never easy to do. But it’s part of the job and the game’.”

Raven has been beating Ru's mug since 2017 (replacing Mathu Andersen), and has been a regular on Drag Race UK, most recently on season 4 where she sat on the judge's panel during the episode where Michelle Visage had to fill in for RuPaul as host.

She also said that besides always getting nervous before going on camera, she'd be down to sit on the Drag Race judges panel again. But for now, she's concentrating on her own show.

“It isn’t easy by any means. But it’s something I feel I have spent years doing behind the camera… I like being the one to do the ranking and calling the shots, to an extent. Sometimes I may need a little help and some may not agree with my choices. But this is what I’ve worked for.”

I've always said Ru should incorporate former Drag Race queens into the show, whether it be helping out with the mini challenges or sitting on the judge's panel. But sometimes I think Ru's ego doesn't want to be upstaged by having other queens sot beside her.

Painted With Raven is available to watch on WoW Presents Plus every Thursday at 7pm.

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