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Ray Liotta's Cause Of Death Revealed One Year After His Death

A year after his passing, we now know actor Ray Liotta's cause of death.

The “Goodfellas” star died from heart and respiratory issues, according to TMZ.

Documents obtained by the outlet cite pulmonary edema — or fluid in the lungs — as well as respiratory insufficiency and acute heart failure as the specific causes.

Medical authorities also listed atherosclerosis — a thickening of the arteries caused by a buildup of plaque in the inner lining — as an underlying issue.

Liotta died in his sleep in May 2022 while filming “Dangerous Waters” on the island nation. He was 67.

The “Field of Dreams” star was survived by his 24-year-old daughter, Karsen, and fiancée Jacy Nittolo, who was with him while filming.

“My life these past couple of years have been nothing but truly magical,” Nittolo began her Instagram tribute to her late love shortly after his passing.

“Ray and I share a deep love that I will cherish in my heart forever. We laughed daily and we were inseparable. The chemistry was wild in the best way. He was everything in the world to me and we couldn’t get enough of each other. The kind of real love that one dreams of.”

She continued, “He was the most beautiful person inside and out that I’ve ever known…and even that is an understatement.”

The couple had been photographed holding hands in California just days before the “Shades of Blue” alum’s unexpected death.

They appeared to be in good spirits as they left the Italian restaurant Spruzzo.

Liotta was honored with a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in February 2023, with his daughter appearing on his behalf to celebrate the “one-of-a-kind” actor.

“I’m so touched to be accepting this honor on behalf of my dad. I couldn’t be more proud of him,”

Karsen said during the ceremony. “He was a one-of-a-kind actor and the best friend, brother and father anyone could have asked for. I lucked out with you.”

She continued, “If you have a Ray in your life, you’re lucky. I love you so much. Thank you for your work and the imprint you left on me and all of those who love you.

“Everyone deserves a Ray in their life.”

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