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Reacher Season 2 Gets Winter Release Date

Prime Video has unleashed new footage showcasing the release information and footage from the upcoming second season of Reacher.

The series, based on the books by Lee Child and stars Alan Ritchson in the titular role, is a significant show for Prime Video. According to Nielsen's streaming data, the adaptation was the most streamed TV show in its debut week. It's the first Amazon production to reach that milestone, adding to the anticipation around the action-drama's return. That's especially true considering the ending of Reacher season 1, which sets up Ritchson's protagonist for a brand new adventure after he leaves Margrave, Georgia, behind.

Now, thanks to a Prime Video video reel due to Prime Day 2023, it's confirmed that Reacher season 2 will debut in December of this year. An exact date was not revealed, as it is likely held for a later announcement.

The video features action-packed footage of the season 2 episodes. In one moment, Jack Reacher even breaks a car window and looks to get a little bit creative with the punishment that he delivers.

Reacher season 2 will bring in several new actors. Robert Patrick joins the Prime Video hit as the recurring Shane Langston. Patrick, known for his memorable role as T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, replaces Dazed and Confused actor Rory Cochrane due to scheduling conflicts. Patrick's turn as Langston, an ex-NYPD officer now working for a defense contractor, isn't the only new face.

Domenick Lombardozzi, Serinda Swan, Ferdinand Kingsley, Luke Bilyk, Dean McKenzie, Edsson Morales, Andres Collantes, Shannon Kook, Ty Olsson, Josh Blacker, and Al Sapienza are all set to join Reacher season 2 in varying capacities. This is fitting for the adaptation, which, in its book form, often changes the setting and story from one novel to the next. Practically, this means that characters don't have the chance to reappear.

Reacher season 2 will adapt a novel that mainly takes place in California and Las Vegas. After getting a mysterious call for help, Jack discovers the death of one of their former team members and realizes there’s something dangerous going on. This leads them to look for previous teammates, setting up an intriguing conflict for the episodes ahead.

I absolutely loved the first season of Reacher, and Alan Ritchson does a phenomenal job as the title character. Definitely looking forward to season 2.

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