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Reality TV Stars Accuse NBC/Universal And Bravo Of Depraved Mistreatment & Exploitation

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

For the past few weeks former Bravolebrity Bethenny Frankel has been advocating for reality stars to join a union of their own, a la SAG-AFTRA & the WGA. Now NBC/Universal and its subsidiary Bravo are being accused of grotesque and depraved mistreatment.

via: Page Six

A strongly worded letter sent by legal eagles Bryan Freedman and Mark Geragos to NBC’s bigwig counsel, Kimberley Harris, and obtained by Page Six Friday accuses the networks of making “deliberate attempts” to “manufacture mental instability” by plying their talent with “alcohol while depriving them of food and sleep, as well as denying mental health treatment for those displaying “obvious and alarming signs of mental deterioration.”

The letter also accuses Bravo and NBC of “distributing and/or condoning the distribution of non-consensual pornography,” and calls out the “distribution of revenge porn,” though it doesn’t go into specific details.

The attorneys’ letter concludes with allegations that the networks are “covering up acts of sexual violence.”

Geragos and Friedman, who have represented stars such as Michael Jackson, Winona Ryder, Gabrielle Union, Mariah Carey and more, are demanding that NBC retain information regarding the pornography and the alleged sexual violence.

“As you know, NBC has a pattern and practice of grotesque and depraved mistreatment of the reality stars and crewmembers on whose account its coffers swell,” the letter sates, with the attorneys claiming that NBC has “threatened [cast members] with ruin should they decide to speak out about their mistreatment.”

“As a result, the sordid and dark underbelly of NBC’s widely consumed reality TV universe has remained under wraps for far too long,” the letter, which didn’t reveal the clients’ names, continues.

“Please be advised that the day of reckoning has arrived.”

“NBCUniversal is committed to maintaining a safe and respectful workplace for cast and crew on our reality shows,” an NBCUniversal spokesperson told Page Six in a statement Thursday. “At the outset, we require our third-party production partners to have appropriate workplace policies and training in place.

“If complaints are brought to our attention, we work with our production partners to ensure that timely, appropriate action is or has been taken, including investigations, medical and/or psychological support, and other remedial action that may be warranted such as personnel changes.”

The damning letter comes not long after former “Real Housewives of New York City” star Bethenny Frankel urged reality stars to join the SAG-AFTRA strike.

“I myself have generated millions and millions of dollars in advertising and online impressions being on reality TV and have never made a single residual,” she explained on Instagram last month.

“So, either I’m missing something or we’re getting screwed too.”

Frankel — who said reality TV stars are often considered the “losers” of Hollywood — noted that they were the ones who “provided all of the entertainment” during the yearlong strike in 2007.

“It’s complete and total bulls–t,” she added. “It just occurred to me, everyone is talking about actors and we don’t get paid s–t.”

The Skinnygirl founder, 52, also encouraged maligned “Vanderpump Rules” star Raquel Leviss to “get paid” following Scandoval.

“The girl was a punching bag for everybody on every talk show in the entertainment industry,” Frankel explained.

“So you get beaten up? Like Erika Jayne did, get paid,” she continued. “You’re gonna put me in a ring with [Mike] Tyson, I’m gonna get paid.”

Chiiiiile, this is about to be a mess, and Nene Leakes and Mariah Huq tried to warn us.

I say it's about time these corporations deal with the consequences of taking advantage of non-union celebrities.

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