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RHOBH: Dorit Reveals Her Marriage Troubles with PK Got 'Progressively Worse' Before He Quit Drinking

Dorit Kemsley has opened up about the marriage troubles she and her husband Paul “PK” Kemsley have had to navigate through together.

via People:

In part two of the season 13 reunion of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Wednesday, the mom of two got candid about the marital struggles she’s endured over the last two years and how the couple were able to turn things around.

Earlier this season on the Bravo show, Dorit, 47, and PK, 56, showed fans how they had been negatively affected by the businessman’s constant traveling and the RHOBH mainstay’s PTSD from her 2021 home invasion.

“After we wrapped [filming], things got progressively worse,” Dorit confessed. “And him and I were at probably an all-time bad.”

She revealed that PK once briefly stayed in a hotel, but denied the couple had ever lived “separate lives.”

Despite “struggling” but “working through things,” Dorit shared that she and PK are now doing “better than ever” after he gave up alcohol to preserve their relationship.

“PK was drinking a lot and he’s a drinker. I just think that its very difficult to have clear-headed conversations when he’s drinking so much, so he gave up drinking,” she smiled, adding that at the time of filming PK had been sober for “49 days.”

“That was a very pivotal moment, so things are — knock on wood — as good as they can possibly be,” she gushed.

In October 2023, Dorit and PK denied they had separated amid rumors that they were living in two different residences in a statement shared with PEOPLE. Though they’ve “had some challenging years,” the duo shared that their marriage of eight years remained intact.

“We remain committed to working through these issues as a united couple for our family,” they said. “We have not separated nor are we planning to do so. Rather, we are focused on healing, making changes and doing the things that many couples have to do at some point in their marriage.”

The pair went on to ask for support from viewers. “We would be grateful for everyone’s understanding,” their statement read. “We are doing what we can to focus on the best interests of our family, as opposed to spending our time contending with rumors and hearsay that are not true.”

Season 13 of RHOBH explored those concerns, including disagreements over how to raise their two children — son Jagger, 9, and daughter Phoenix, 7 — and their sessions with a couple’s therapist about Dorit’s PTSD.

In the season finale, Dorit wondered whether PK could change, and if he couldn’t, what that would mean for the future of their relationship. She candidly admitted that her “main takeaway” from the past year “is PK and I have a lot of work to do.”

“No matter how hard I try, it feels like he’s never gonna take me seriously and be as present as I need him to be when I need him,” she said, later adding, “Maybe he’ll never change but, do I have to accept that he won’t? Can I? I don’t know.”

We saw none of this play out during the current season of RHOBH. However I have a feeling Dorit is bringing this up as a way to secure her diamond for next season.

If Dorit is telling the truth, it would have been a good storyline to see Kyle open up to Dorit about her marriage woes with Mauricio instead of waiting until the final scene of the current season to announce their separation. Then Dorit could have opened up to her about her marriage woes.

Unfortunately, like the burglary, I don't know if I believe Dorit entirely.

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