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Ricky Martin Files $20 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Nephew Who Accused Him Of Sexual Harassment

A month after Ricky Martin's nephew withdrew his case against the singer, where he accused the singer of incest, the pop star has now filed a $20 million dollar lawsuit against his accuser.

Ricky Martin is suing the nephew who, back in July, alleged that he’d had a seven-month-long incestuous relationship with the singer. At the time, his nephew (Dennis Yadiel Sanchez) also alleged Martin was stalking and harassing him. Ultimately, Sanchez dropped the allegations and then requested a restraining order. Now, Martin has filed a lawsuit in San Juan claiming Sanchez tried to “assassinate” his reputation.

According to TMZ, the $20 million lawsuit claims that after dropping the restraining order, Sanchez messaged Martin via Instagram demanding money and threatening to “assassinate his reputation and integrity.” Martin also alleges that Sanchez would send him more than 10 messages a day for four months and publicly boast about being his nephew, whom Martin calls a “maladjusted individual.”

Additionally, Martin claims Sanchez posted his cell phone number on Instagram and made an Instagram account for one of his children. Martin says he’s subsequently lost multi-million dollar deals due to his nephew’s allegations and feels “unsafe” in Puerto Rico.

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