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Ricky Martin & Jwan Yosef Finally Open Up About Divorce

SInce news of their divorce broke last month, both Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef have been pretty quiet regarding details of their split beyond the usual joint statement.

While Ricky has been busy touring Europe and vacationing with his 14-year-old sons Mateo and Valentino, Jwan has been keeping a low profile.

A camera operator for the Spanish-language talk show Hoy Dia caught up with the Swedish-Syrian artist as he was walking down the street and asked him about the divorce.

Not looking thrilled with being grilled on the street about his divorce, Yosef walked briskly with his head down and seemed to respond, “This is not a good place.” Either that or ”I’m in a good place.” It’s not totally clear.

When pressed further, he elaborated by adding: “It’s all well.” As far as the family dynamic, Yosef said, “The kids are happy and we’re happily separated.”

Martin, on the other hand say down with Telemundo's Lourdes Collazo and was more forthcoming regarding the split.

“When the public found out, we had already gone through a grieving process,” Martin said as reported by Hoya! “Jwan and I will always be family. We have two children that we are going to raise together, and this is not a recent decision. We have been planning this situation for a long time, it’s pre-pandemic.”

When the marriage started to crumble, Martin revealed that he and Jwan made sure not to fight in front of the children. The couple share two children - Lusic,4, and Renn, 3 - which Martin will continue to co-parent.

“My children never saw a fight between Jwan and me,” Martin said. “That’s why it’s like, ‘Are you going to divorce, are you going to separate, how?’ because we resolved our differences with a good talk, maybe in our room.”

The pair have managed to remain cordial with one another in large part due to how they handled the split. “It has been wonderful. I even told Jwan we should write a book about how to get divorced properly. In fact, if someone is getting divorced, come and talk to us because we already have this figured out,” he quipped. “It has been much easier than we thought, but we’ve done it with time and calmness.”

Despite the smooth dissolution of his marriage, the Puerto Rican crooner says he isn’t ready to jump right back in the dating pool.

“Take it easy! It was seven or eight years [with Jwan]. I want to have a good time, I want to enjoy life... Let’s take it easy, but yes, I do see myself in another relationship,” he revealed. “I’m not talking about the near future, but I like being in love, I like being in a relationship, I like waking up in the morning to a morning kiss, breakfast, and complicity."

Ricky will be heading to the Dominican Republic for another symphonic concert in September, before kicking off the Trilogy Tour with Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull in October.

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