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Rolling Stone Ranks Rihanna As Third Greatest Female Super Bowl Halftime Headliner

As hundreds of millions of people witnessed on Sunday night, Rihanna too to the stage with her army of dancers and performed some of her biggest hits.

So of course, Rolling Stone felt compelled to release yet another list which placed Rihanna at #8 as the third best female performer to headline the Halftime extravaganza.

“Rihanna hadn’t performed anywhere in over 5 years, so people were fiending to find out how she’d handle her big comeback at the Super Bowl. Guest stars? Costume changes? Fancy choreography? Nah. RiRi rocked all the way solo, untouchably cool on her flying stage, because all she needed was her own superhuman DGAF charisma.” Rolling Stone wrote.

The magazine further added, “She sneered though one banger after another, visibly pregnant but letting it all hang out, with a squad of white-hooded dancers. She served notice right off with ‘Bitch Better Have My Money,’ sneered ‘Rude Boy’ over her shoulder with obscene ass grabs, topped it off with ‘Diamonds’ under the fireworks. She also paused to fix her makeup, in a mini-ad for her own Fenty Beauty line. Talk about a boss move.”

Like their greatest singers of all time list, Rolling Stone is out of their coked-out minds if they thought that performance Rihanna pulled off last night was better than Madonna's Halftime Performance. And why isn't Michael Jackson on this list?

Don't get me wrong - the set looked great, and the choreography was fierce. I even liked the wardrobe the dancers were wearing. I just expected Rihanna to give what she always gives, which is the bare minimum.

Rolling Stone's Top Ranked Super Bowl Halftime Performances

1 – Prince

2 – U2

3 – Beyonce

4 – Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, and Kendrick Lamar

5 – Aerosmith, Britney Spears, ‘NSync, Nelly & Mary J. Blige

6 – Shakira & Jennifer Lopez

7 – Bruce Springsteen

8 – Rihanna

9 – Madonna

10 – Lady Gaga

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