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Rosie O Donnell Updates Fans On Madonna's Condition

While Madonna's camp has remained mum on the pop icon's condition, and have yet to address whether or not dates for The Celebration Tour - which is scheduled to kick off next week - is on or will be postponed, her good Judy Rosie O Donnell has given fans an update via her Instagram.

While I must say Rosie's response wasn't much, it's better than nothing. If you recall, Madonna's manager Guy Oseary confirmed on Wednesday, June 28 via his Instagram that Madonna “developed a serious bacterial infection” on June 24, which led to her staying in intensive care for “several” days. It was also reported that she was sick with the flu for over a month before eventually collapsing.

Oseary also confirmed that while “her health is improving” she is “still under medical care”, and she is expected to make a “full recovery”.

She was found unconscious at her Upper East Side home in New York City, and New York Post reported that her daughter Lourdes Leon was by her mother's side throughout her stay in the ICU.

Madonna's fans and celebrities from Michelle Visage to The Weeknd sent their well wishes to the queen of pop.

Her previous tour in 2020 - The Madame X tour suffered quite a few cancellations after Madonna suffered an "indescribable injury."

Get well queen. If you need to space out some of the tour dates, due what you need to do that's beneficial to your health.

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