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Ross Matthews Reveals Whether He's a Top or a Bottom

Ross Matthews is getting to the bottom of some things.

A 2013 interview he did on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show has been making the rounds again, and people seem to be quite fixated on which position the TV personality and RuPaul's Drag Race judge likes to play in the bedroom.

“I see you as a power bottom,” Stern said to Mathews during their interview. “Am I right?”

“No,” Matthews giggled. “No!”

“You’re not? You’re not a power bottom?” Stern asked.

“Everybody thinks…because of the voice…” Matthews replied. “Because the voice is the most feminine.”

After Stern said the voice threw him off, the hosts asked if that meant Mathews is a top. Mathews shyly answered “Yeah.” The best part of the video comes when Stern followed that up by asking Mathews if that means he’s a “power top.”

“Not like a…I don’t, like, 'give it.' I’m not like, 'come here, I gotta give it to ya,'” he said before giggling.

First of all we need to stop with the stereptype that men who are effeminite or are feminine-sounding only like getting their cheeks clapped in the bedroom.

I know plenty of feminine men who are tops, and some of the most masculine-looking men are power bottoms. And that's okay. People like what they like in the bedroom, so let's stop stigmatizing femininity or taking penis in your poop chute as a weakness.

Matthews recently married Dr. Wellington Garcia during a beachside ceremony in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The ceremony featured over 100 guests, including Drew Barrymore who served as the flower girl.

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