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RuPaul's Drag Race Icon Tammie Brown 'Doesn't Give A Damn' About Not Being Asked Back For All Stars

RuPaul's Drag Race season one icon is opening up about whether or not she'll appear on a future season.

Speaking to Attitude magazine, the TV queen said: “I know the fans would like me to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race, but [production company] World of Wonder ignores their pleas. Maybe I’ll tell you where the company is… and y’all can go picket and do whatever you need to do,” she said.

“Personally, I don’t give a damn if I’m on there or not.”

Tammie has already made an All Stars appearance, however. Following her short but oh-so-sweet tenure on season one of the flagship, she reappeared in the inaugural series of the spin-off show.

All Stars 1 was the season that featured a twist whereby the 12 queens were told to compete in pairs, and Tammie and her fellow queen, season one star Nina Flowers, were forced to sashay away after just two episodes.

Six of the 12 All Stars 1 contestants, including Manila Luzon, Latrice Royale, Jujubee and Alexis Mateo have since returned for a second stint on the spin-off.

Despite only appearing as a competitor in four episodes of Drag Race across both series, Tammie made quite the impact on the fandom, hence calls for her to come back again.

Her stint on Drag Race included reading Michelle Visage for filth for not doing “her research properly” when she critiqued one of Tammie’s looks, then telling the judge that she had a “makeup line” on her neck.

Tammie is also one of very few queens in the show’s history to clap back at RuPaul.

The zany comedy queen delivered one of her best-ever lines at Ru and former judge Santino Rice, saying: “You both called me losers, and I don’t see you out there walking children in nature.”

Last year, Tammie reflected on the beef, saying: “It was a tense moment. I get upset for others, I get upset for myself. I’ll stand up for people in a group and if someone is getting bullied or whatever, it starts to irritate me.”

Rice was a permanent judge on season one to six of the show.

I love me some Tammie. Like Willam and Courtney Act I can't see Tammie coming back to Drag Race. Ru doesn't like to be told about himself.

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