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RuPaul's Drag Race Queen Anetra Announces Break From Drag

Anetra has announced that her knees need a break from walking that duck, as the Drag Race season 15 queen revealed she's taking a break from drag.

via: Pride

Shortly after the finale aired earlier this year, the queen has canceled a slew of gigs, with many club promoters apologizing to patrons and refunding them tickets due to Anetra being a no-show or citing her health as a reason to back out.

This week, UK-based drag production company Klub Kids announced they were canceling their upcoming tour with Anetra. Representatives claimed Anetra had avoided all forms of communication and completely ghosted them when trying to make contact.

Anetra eventually took to her Instagram Stories to apologize for her recent behavior and that she needed to focus on her health.

"This year has been very difficult for me in a lot of areas and there is a lot happening behind the scenes that I'm not ready to speak on at this time," the queen said. "I just need a moment to heal properly and return to you 100%."

The queen also clarified that she's not quitting drag and that she still loves her passion, but she needs some time away to recover.

"This isn't me quitting, just stepping away for a moment to give my body what it needs. Please understand and stop the hate messages."

I'm a fan of Anetra, and wish her well on getting her health in check. Check out her statement below...

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