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RuPaul Shades Madonna, Says It's Weird That She's "Chasing Arena Tours" At 65

Updated: Mar 3

After RuPaul ruvealed in his upcoming memoir The House of Different Meanings that he was shaded by Madonna on two different occasions, the queen of drag isn't done firing shots at the queen of pop.

Here's an excerpt from her interview with The New Yorker, which was conducted by Ronan Farrow:

And, more famous than ever at 63, it’s clear Ru’s been thinking a lot about aging gracefully in the spotlight—even comparing himself to another star who’s been around the block a few times:

Madonna (who Ru says once gave him a “snarl of contempt” at a club back in the ’80s).

“In aging, there is a natural flow,” he opines. “And, when you’re against the flow, it doesn’t look right, it doesn’t feel right. The energy around the Madonna thing—it feels weird, right?,” Ru adds, referring to her “chasing arena tours and grills in your teeth.”

Wait a minute… was that a read?

Madonna, for her part, seems to have preemptively responded during a recent stop on Celebration Tour. “When you b*tches try to drag me about my age,” she says in a viral clip, “I’ll see you when you’re 65. Let’s just see how you’re doing!”

“I’m not interested in appealing to eleven-to-twenty-five-year-olds, I’m just not,” Ru tells Farrow. “I can, on a bigger level, as a mother. As Mama Ru. It’s a different relationship—I’m not trying to be them.”

Well then! It’s clear, at this point in his career, Ru’s not necessarily worried about playing nice or making a new fans. All of which just makes us even more excited to read that new memoir—what other tea will be spilled once we all pay a visit to The House Of Hidden Meanings? We can hardly wait to find out.

I get what he's saying regarding Madonna struggling to accept getting older, but what he needs to realize is that it's easier for men to age gracefully than women.

She's a pop star who's been making music for forty years, so whatever decision she makes --whether or not she decides to age gracefully or gets plastic surgery, people will clown her regardless.

I do agree that she looks ridiculous with the grillz and the fake booty. In my humble opinion Madonna looked great before all the crazy surgeries.

As far as his comments about her touring at her age, I don't get the shade with that comment, when, quiet as it's kept you barely perform your own music.

Ru uses the Drag Race girls and the show to promote their basic ass dance/pop songs, and when you do perform your songs on the Drag Race stage, you serve the cameras the same old lady two step while barely lip sncing for your life.

So the same energy you have for Madonna still performing world tours at 65, you need to have the same energy towards your girl Cher, who is in her seventies and still performing for millions of fans while trotting around with a man 40 years her junior.

I also find it quite tacky that he's upset with Madonna because she's been using a lot of the queens from Drag Race in her Celebration Tour, because outside of Bob, the queens are participating in her show for free.

FYI: Madonna has invited Sapphira Cristal, Plane Jane, Manila Luzon, Detox, Miz Cracker, Miss Fame, Symone, Plastique Tiara and Trinity The Tuck, (to name a few) on stage to help her judge a ballroom dance-off while “Vogue” is playing.

So Ru, your narrow-minded view of Madonna is tired and intellectually lazy, because as someone who has seen her on her current tour she has more energy and tenacity in her injured hip and knee than you do in your whole body.

I happened to see a comment from someone named Mr Croft on Queerty, and I feel their assessment pretty much sums it up:

"RuPaul’s critique of Madonna stems from longstanding hate rather than an objective assessment of her artistry. Despite changes in Madonna’s physical performance over the years, her artistry remains undiminished.Her art is much deeper than RuPaul’s, it stands on an immensely higher level, and the two of them have nothing in common artistically. Having attended the Celebration Tour, I can attest that Madonna’s current show is incredible (except for the ending), more akin to a musical that narrates her life through her music. There’s absolutely no reason for her to stop doing live performances in arena or stadiums, as they continue to be a powerful expression of her enduring talent and creativity, which is not repetitive at all.

Drag, at its core, is about challenging societal norms, embracing fluidity in identity and expression, and celebrating artistry without boundaries or social limits. Creativity is not limited by age, it knows no expiration. RuPaul shows boundaries and limits, narrow-minding thinking. But the reason is that Ru has always hated Madonna.

If you care to read the full interview, where he talks about being in an open relationship with his husband Georges Le Bar, the fracking allegations, his early beginnings and more, click on the highlighted New Yorker link above.

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