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After Brazilian drag superstar Pabllo Vittar made history last week as the first drag queen to headline Coachella, Vittar’s fan flooded RuPaul’s social media pleading with the drag icon to acknowledge Vittar’s achievements.

A few of Vittar’s fans took to Twitter to RuVeal that they tagged Mamaru, saying that Vittar would be happy if she would show some love to Vittar. Then revealed that they had been blocked 20 minutes later.

NAOOOOOOOOOO — valeria (@vittarwest) April 17, 2022

This isn’t the first time there have been feud accusations thrown around between the two drag titans.

 In June 2020, fans noticed that Vittar unfollowed Ru on Instagram and started whispers of a rivalry between the two queens. In response, Vittar asked her fans to stop engaging in such speculation. She wrote, “Stop [pitting us against each other as rivals]. This is ugly as hell. The fact of following [someone] or not doesn’t take away the respect I have for mother Ru! If I am a drag queen today, it was because her show showed me that it was possible. I love and respect and hope to meet her one day.”

Now RuPaul is clapping back at Twitter trolls, assuring fans that there is nothing but love between the two.

I LOVE & SUPPORT @PablloVittar + Shame on you catty twitter trolls trying to create a rivalry. — RuPaul (@RuPaul) April 20, 2022

Not long after Ru’s tweet, Pabllo took to social media to give her reaction:

I LOVE YOU MOTHER ! 🥺❤️ — Pabllo Vittar (@pabllovittar) April 20, 2022

Well there you have it. What I took from this story is that Ru is tired of people flooding her page with tags regarding other artists. Yes Pabllo is one of the most successful drag queens in music at the moment, and has her own competition drag show called Queens Stars on HBO Max.

But with all her accomplishments, do Vittar’s fans really need the validation of RuPaul in order for them to feel that their favorite artist is successful?

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