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Ryan Seacrest To Take Over Hosting Duties On Wheel Of Fortune

It looks like Ryan Seacrest can add Wheel of Fortune to his resume, because moments ago he took to Instagram to announce that he will be officially taking over for Pat Sajak as host of the long-running game show.

Earlier this month, Sajak announced that he would be retiring after season 41 airs in the fall.

It's cute or whatever that Ryan gets to add another job to his resume. However, what's going on with all the stuff I've been hearing regarding Vanna White only making $3 million a year.

There's no doubt in my mind that Ryan is getting paid significantly to fill Pat's shoes, but Vanna's been part of the show for four decades, and for someone to be putting in more work regarding representing and promoting WOF, Vanna should be making at least $8-$10 million a season if not more.

A friend of mine also thought if Vanna doesn't stay that they should hire a rotating roster of drag queens to flip the letters, which I would love.

However I could see all the middle American conservatives getting mad and claiming the drag queens are coming for your kids through the puzzles.

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