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Sarah Michelle Gellar To Star in Teen Wolf Spin-Off Wolf Pack

Buffy The Vampire Slayer legend Sarah Michelle Gellar will go from Sunnydale to Beacon Hills in the upcoming Paramount+ series Wolf Pack, a spin-off of the hit MTV series Teen Wolf.

SMG, who will star in and executive produce the series, made an appearance on the Teen Wolf movie panel San Diego Comic Con on Thursday.

She plays Kristin Ramsay, an arson investigator brought in by authorities to track down an arsonist who started a wildfire that has unexpectedly unleashed a supernatural predator in Los Angeles.

Wolf Pack, which is based on the book series by Edo Van Belkom, will focus on two teenagers, who form a close bond as they discover they are both werewolves. The werewolves encounter two other teenagers, the adopted children of park rangers who went through a similar wildfire 16 years prior.

In addition to Gellar, the series also stars Armani Jackson, Bella Shephard, Chloe Rose Robertson, and Tyler Lawrence Gray.

I love seeing Sarah in this kind of genre, and with Buffy the Vampire Slayer being a huge influence on Teen Wolf (the series) it's fitting that she would return to the world of horror.

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