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Scream VI Becomes Highest Grossing Film In Franchise History, Banned In Lebanon Over LGBTQ Inclusion

A huge congratulations to Scream VI, which is about to become one of the most financially successful sequels in the film's history.

1996’s Scream made $103 million, while 1997’s Scream 2 and 2000’s Scream 3 brought in $101 million and $89 million, respectively. 2011’s underrated Scream 4 weirdly dipped to $38 million, but the franchise rebounded with 2022’s confusingly-titled Scream and its $81 million box office total.

That’s four out of five films between $81 million and $103 million. Actually, make that five out of six: Scream VI will cross $100 million in ticket sales on Thursday. By the end of the weekend, it will become the highest-grossing film in the series, not adjusted for inflation.

Paramount and Spyglass brought the sixth chapter to the big screen in March, crushing franchise records with its $44.5 million debut. Scream VI has also collected $56.25 million at the international box office, bringing its global tally to $156 million. The first Scream still stands as the biggest worldwide earner of the bunch with $173 million, followed by the sequel with $172 million.

Scream VI only cost $35 million to make, so a $156 million and counting worldwide total is awesome. I also believe Scream VI will be available via digital download later this month, and Scream VII is set to begin shooting later this year.

In other Scream VI news, the hit sequel has been banned in Lebanon for including queer characters in the film.

The film was initially delayed from March 10 and was rescheduled to hit theaters on April 13, but when Paramount refused to censor the film, Lebanon theaters opted to ban the film instead.

Scream 6 features openly queer couple Mindy Meeks-Martin (Jasmin Savoy Brown) and Anika Kayoko (Devyn Nekoda) who share a brief kiss in the film.

Besides Mindy's relationship with Anika, there's no other queer representation in the film.

I do not get these so-called "religious" places that feel that by trying to force the hand of studios to erase characters that do not fit their community standards that it will in some way turn viewers queer.

Let's not act as if there aren't queer Lebanese people in the world. It's unfortunate that they won't get to see Scream VI on the big screen, because it's a really good film. I just hope Radio Silence and Paramount can find a way to bring back Neve Campbell.

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