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Searchlight Drops Jonathan Majors Film Magazine Dreams Despite Rave Reviews At Sundance

The movie, directed by Elijah Bynum, has been returned to the filmmakers, who will now shop it to other buyers on the open market.

Majors‘ “Magazine Dreams” won’t be coming to the big screens anytime soon.

It comes after Majors was dropped from the cast of “48 Hours in Vegas,” a movie where he was to play former NBA star Dennis Rodman.

The actor’s contract with Marvel has also been terminated amid other career losses following his conviction of assault and harassment charges.

Titled “Magazine Dreams,” Searchlight purchased the rights for the film in February 2023 for a reported seven-figure amount, a month after it debuted to much praise at the Sundance Film Festival.

Critics hailed it as an “all-in performance for the ages,” creating anticipation for its theatrical release in December of the previous year. This release was said to be a fine-tuned cut of the one that premiered at Sundance.

However, Searchlight officially removed it from its release calendar in October, ahead of Majors’ assault and harassment trial related to an incident involving his ex-partner, Grace Jabbari. But with the trial ending with Majors guilty of two out of four charges, they have returned the rights to the filmmakers, according to sources aware of the situation, per The Hollywood Reporter.

In the meantime, the potential for the film’s big-screen debut is uncertain, as the “Magazine Dreams” team is now tasked with seeking other buyers for the rights. Because of the negative traction around Majors, finding someone willing to bet on the film might be more challenging. If one isn’t found, it is safe to say that Majors’ hard work in embodying the character Killian Maddox would have been for nothing.

According to reports, Majors trained for 18 months to transform himself physically for the role before the movie was shot for 24 days around Los Angeles. At its Sundance debut, it not only got praised by attendees but also landed the Creative Vision Jury Prize, which is considered a major honor by film critics.

Sources also tipped the film to be one that would be considered in the awards conversation in the long run.

It would have 100 percent been in the awards conversation” had it not been for Majors’ legal troubles, a source shared per The Hollywood Reporter.

Majors’ movie being dropped by Searchlight is just one out of the many career losses the actor has suffered in the wake of being found guilty in his assault and harassment trial.

A few days back, he was reportedly removed from the cast of “48 Hours in Vegas,” a movie being produced by the comedy duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, known for their work on the “LEGO Movie” and “21 Jump Street.”

The actor was also dropped from his role as Kang the Conqueror in the MCU, which he was expected to reprise in the MCU’s next phase projects, “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty” and “Avengers: Secret Wars.”

A film adaptation of Walter Mosley’s 2004 novel “The Man in My Basement” would no longer have him starring. Additionally, negotiations for his role in a biopic about the late musician Otis Redding have fallen amid other losses.

Majors will be sentenced on February 6. The actor could face up to one year in jail.

I've heard nothing but great reviews about the film, and despite the verdict surrounding Jonathan Majors, if theaters are afraid to touch Magazine Dreams I'm hoping a streaming service like Netflix or Prime Video secures the rights.

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