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Sexyy Red Heartbroken Over Sex Tape Leak

Sexyy Red is denying reports that she has leaked her own sex tape, which I'm guessing was to distract from her recent comments about saying the hood supports twice impeached former president Trump.

via: Vibe

Last night (Oct. 4), video footage was uploaded to Sexyy Red‘s Instagram Story showing her engaging in sexual intercourse with an unknown man. Today (Oct. 5), the St. Louis rapper has claimed that she didn’t post the NSFW content of herself, as she “wouldn’t do no goofy sh*t like that.”

Screen-recordings of the clip made its rounds across social media, with many upset about the leak, and others joking about her viral “Pound Town” lyrics: “My c**chie pink, my bootyhole brown.” As Red has been in headlines lately about her supportive comments of former President Donald Trump, people began questioning if she may have leaked her own tape to switch the narrative.

“I’m so heartbroken anybody that kno me knows I wouldn’t do no goofy sh*t like that,” she wrote on X. She then disabled public replies to that specific post.

The sex tape leak follows the budding rapper declaring her support for Donald Trump in a clip, earlier this week. Red suggested that the disgraced reality star and politician get back into office because the country “needs” him.

Chiiile, I saw her overly skretched cat trap and it's far from pank.This is also what happens when big back gutter snipes like Sexyy Red do interviews and start spreading misinformation about a former president who also masquerades as a white supremacist.

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