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Shakira Addresses Rumor She Discovered Ex Gerard Piqué’s Alleged Cheating via a Jam Jar

Shakira’s lips don’t lie. Shakira is addressing the rumor that her relationship with Gerard Piqué ended after the discovery of a partially-eaten jar of jam — but she says that’s just the internet talking.

via People:

In a new interview with The Sunday Times, the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer, 47, had a simple response when asked if her former longtime partner’s alleged cheating was exposed by a jar of jam.

“Not true,” she told the outlet. 

She and Piqué, 37, publicly ended their 11-year romance in June 2022. They share two sons, Milan, 11, and Sasha, 9.

Soon after the couple split, the former soccer player began dating Clara Chia Marti.

However, just two months before Shakira and the athlete parted ways, she released the song and music video for “Te Felicito” with Rauw Alejandro. 

The music video, which shows the singer looking in her fridge, sparked speculation of how the Colombian superstar may have found out about Piqué and Marti’s relationship.

She was later questioned about the moment when she visited the U.K. television show This Morning in May 2022. 

In the interview, which was translated from Spanish to English per ShowNews Today, Shakira reportedly said she looked in the fridge “to find the truth,” adding, “It is when I go to the fridge and find the head of Rauw Alejandro.”

The publication also referenced an interview with the Spanish TV show Socialite claiming the “She Wolf” artist found out about Piqué’s alleged infidelity after she came home from a trip and noticed some of her jam was missing.

For background, the former pro soccer player, nor their two children, cared for this flavor, allegedly leading Shakira to believe that someone else had been in their home, making themselves comfortable with her groceries. 

While it’s been no easy feat to track down the alleged interview, Shakira’s fans have kept the theory alive via social media with many jam-related tweets. 

However, in the Grammy winner’s recent interview with The Sunday Times, the “Beautiful Liar” hitmaker claimed to not know what they were talking about, according to the outlet. 

Elsewhere in the interview, she discussed how she prioritized love over her career. 

“For a long time I put my career on hold, to be next to Gerard, so he could play football,” she told The Sunday Times. “There was a lot of sacrifice for love.”

Her latest album, Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran (Women No Longer Cry) is entirely in Spanish, and is set to be released on Friday by Sony Latin. 

It will represent “the transformation of pain into creativity, frustration into productivity, anger into passion, vulnerability into resilience,” Shakira told The Sunday Times. 

“There were so many pieces of my life that crumbled in front of my eyes and I had to rebuild myself in a way, picking up the bones from the floor and putting them all together,” she continued. “And the glue that kept it all together was music.”

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